Nov 06

Constructing Your Own Narrative

The recent episode of the #ProvenProfitable Podcast featured Haj Carr. He’s the personable CEO of Trueline, a Portland-based digital marketing company and will be a panelist on “The Business of Social Influence” panel at the Maine Business Expo at the Holiday Inn by the Bay in Portland on November 14.

Carr describes Trueline as having two business “arms.” One provides traditional marketing support, such as branding, logo design and website creation to small and medium-sized businesses around the country. The other is focused on online publishing and executive storytelling through publications that use search engine optimization tactics to ensure people and companies profiled receive excellent exposure.

While the majority of Trueline’s clients are located outside of Maine, a growing number are in Maine, and are beginning to see marketing as a way to increase their business, as well as support and retain employees, according to Carr. “A lot of it started with education and sometimes doing work pro bono to show business owners that we could move the needle before we started looking at contracts,” he said. “That built a lot of confidence and showed people what we can do. Now things are really taking off.”

Particularly in the construction industry, Trueline has aided with hiring and retention—a challenge as many construction businesses struggle to find reliable help. On the other end of the spectrum, Trueline has helped major nonprofit organizations with services ranging from speech writing and social media management to rebranding and fundraising.

Personally, Carr has worked hard to promote the community values that are important to Trueline as an organization. He particularly enjoys conversations about company culture. “I’m finding that people want to work, but they don’t want to work without meaning. They want to be connected to something they really care about,” Carr said. He added that workers need to feel connected to a cause to really get behind an organization; and that when employees feel connected they will work harder.

With 2019 quickly approaching, Trueline is looking to keep mindfully expanding. They consider the client-firm relationship a partnership; and they want their partners to become more profitable by being creative and developing new lines of business. For more information, and consultations, visit .

The Maine Business Expo is sponsored by The Maine Apprenticeship Program – a workforce development solution offered by the Maine Department of Labor that helps Maine employers set up on-the-job training programs supplemented by classroom instruction. In today’s tight labor market, the Maine Apprenticeship Program has become a go to resource for Maine employers like Cianbro, Bath Iron Works, Sunday River, and Eastern Maine Medical Center. Thousands of occupations qualify. To learn more, visit