Nov 01

Creating Opportunities for the Fastest Growing Population in Portland

The fastest growing population base in the Portland Region is from immigrants moving to the area. For those positioned well for the change, there could be tremendous benefits. Although a bit under the weather, Quincy Hentzel called-in to the ProvenProfitable Podcast to talk with Matty B and Justin Starbird about how the Portland Regional Chamber of Commerce is helping to create opportunities for this diverse group and develop initiatives that support employers who recognize the unique resource.


The Maine Business Expo is sponsored by The Maine Apprenticeship Program – a workforce development solution offered by the Maine Department of Labor that helps Maine employers set up on-the-job training programs supplemented by classroom instruction. In today’s tight labor market, the Maine Apprenticeship Program has become a go to resource for Maine employers like Cianbro, Bath Iron Works, Sunday River, and Eastern Maine Medical Center. Thousands of occupations qualify. To learn more, visit